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3 Easy Segments Towards CEPP Designation

  • Proven Marketing Team Do Workshop Planning For You
  • Virtual Desk Top Computer Access from Anywhere
  • Senior Needs Software Assessment Program
  • Coaching for Accelerated  Success and Increased Revenues 
  • Legal, Insurance and Financial Practical Knowledge -Training 
  •   Steps Towards Avoiding and Reducing E & O Law Suits
  •   Studying Online at your own pace 
  •   Completing your own estate planning with Segment One
  •   Proper Annuities, Insurance and  Long Term Care Products
  • Seminar/Workshop Training with Proven Professionals
  • Significant Savings and Results on all the above
  •   Knowing Your Properly Protecting Client's Assets and Your Business

CEPP GRADUATES Enjoy Greater Success With
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  • Honorary First Year Membership Free to L.I.F.E Planners Association, Professional Organization for Legal and Insurance CEPP Graduates
  • Save Time and Money - on Marketing
  • Use of Proven Workshop and Seminar Tools
  • Proven Staff Behind You Putting Workshop Together for you
  • Professional Products to use as educational tools for clients
  • Expert Network Assistance, Product Training
  •   Power Point Slides, Flyer Templates, Expert Video Tools
  •  Radio and TV Advertising Clips 
  • Having  Professionals Available with Years of Experience
  •  Benefits from Resource Center 
  • Coaching for Career Development and Management 
  • Books on various subjects and state laws - including  Medicaid 
  •  Seminar and Workshop Presentations with Confidence 
  •  Use of Templates, Tips - Do's and Don'ts from the Experts
24 Hours 
1 800 232 6465
1-540 - 743 1733
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CEPP Training Program Focuses on Estate Planning Training Disciplines To Work With Your Local Team of Legal, Insurance, Financial, Estate Planning and Elder Law Professionals. To Help You Increase Your Revenues and Market Your Practice Confidentially - With Steps for Proper and Essential Estate Planning - With Proper Steps To Avoid and Reduce E&O and Law Suits To the Extent Possible and Help Keep the CEPP Professional in Compliance and Most Successful With Your Clients and Your Broker/ We Help You
Develop Your Reputation From That of A Sales person To A  CEPP.
Chartered Estate Planning Practitioner.