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The Ultimate Online Learning Experience

The Ultimate Online 

Learning Experience!

To Provide Meaningful - Practical - Hands On Due Diligence Training and Experience for Professionals Seeking To Advance In Their Estate Planning Career. 

Prepare Advisors and Equip Them For Public Seminar Presenting That Can Be Most Rewarding For The 
Community and The Advisor.

 Provide Basic - Intermediate - Advanced  Assessment Discipline Training To Raise The Standard of Estate Planning Practices - Utilizing Practical Steps in Education Material To Allow Opportunity for 
Experience and Build Confidence.

Make Available Training Towards Helping Advisors Better Protect Families and Businesses From Avoidable Losses - And Help Them Reduce Risks of E&O Law Suits from Dis-satisfied Heirs in the Future.

The CEPP Designation is your first step towards achieving estate planning excellence for you and your clients. CEPP is designed for Insurance Life/Health and Property/Casualty, Securities, Financial, Banking, Accounting, Legal and other Professionals that advise people on Legal and/or Financial matters. CEPP Professionals are dedicated to working with a team of Legal, Financial and Insurance Professionals.  CEPP Graduates strive towards raising the standards for disciplined and proper Legal & Financial - Insurance, Retirement, Long Term Care and Estate Planning assessments, counsel, practices and services. Discipline means using due diligence by always putting 
client's needs first and foremost. Estate Planning discipline also includes doing a thorough assessment to properly Identify and address asset exposures. To achieve protection solutions working with a team of Legal, Financial and other professional advisors.

Reasons To Enroll
1. To practice due diligence and build integrity, discipline, experience and confidence with specific estate planning steps and tools while preparing you for a very exciting and growing need with 
Seniors and their families.
2. For support with workshops, slides, and marketing tools so you can help raise awareness for the needs and concerns of families, seniors, and the growing elderly 
population in your community.
3. So you can build a reputation of raising the standards of proper Legal-financial Estate Planning Professional services and the importance of working with a team of professionals in the Senior needs, asset 
protection and  and Estate Planning arena.
4.  To better understand and educate your clients and the community about the benefits of early and preventive Estate Planning for business owners, 
Seniors and their families.
5. To be equipped to help raise awareness, the need and advantages of preventive and multi-generational  Estate Planning, rather than 11th hour crisis planning.
6. So you can build a reputation of helping families protect their quality of life, security and 
control over their destinies.
7. So you can learn strategies and solutions to better protect your clients assets, your own assets, your agency's assets, and /or your company now and 
later from devastating lawsuits. 

8. To understand steps towards minimizing and/ avoidance of Estate Planning errors and omissions complaints and law suits in the 21st Century.

9. To help you build and increase your time management and productivity in the Senior, Long Term Care and Estate Planning market for your increased rewards personally and for your agency and/or 
company today and tomorrow.

Dean of studies, Stephen J. Kaufmann, 
Virginia Attorney at Law, JD, MBA, CLU, ChFC, CPCU, FLMI, CEPP
Former Virginia Deputy Commissioner of Insurance

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Estate Planning Institute - All Rights Reserved

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to CEPP Graduates


The Ultimate Online Learning Experience

Senior Needs Solutions - Estate Planning Self Study
Courses and Professional Designation Program

Training and Seminar/Workshop Support  
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Local Team of Legal, Insurance and Financial Practitioners

The Ultimate Online Learning Experience

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What Others Are Saying... "The CEPP Program is easy to read - the best thing was that I could do it online and at my own pace. As a broker I recommend to all my advisers. I found the whole experience eye opening, rewarding and enjoyable. Compared to other programs I've taken I would recommend this course as being the
most practical and rewarding."  MT, MA.

"The Chartered Estate Planning Practitioner course got right to business - covering what you need to know - very enlightening.  I highly recommend this course for financial professionals who are looking to protect their clients assets and quality of life. " Thanks, M S

The CEPP Estate Planning Training and Designation Program Could Be The Best Investment You Can Make For Your Career This Year!

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