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Estate Planning Institute
P.O. Box 669 
Luray, VA 22835 

CEPP - Chartered Estate Planning Practitioner -  Online Professional Designation Self Study Program

The Estate Planning Institute, EPI, was founded in 1996 by Stephen J. Kaufmann, Attorney at Law, JD, MBA, CLU, ChFC, CPCU. FLMI. Former Deputy Commissioner of Insurance. President of A Better Choice Elder Law, Retirement and Estate Planning Center and Bonnie L. Kaufmann
P O Box 660 - 211 West Main Street, Luray, VA. 1 800 232 6465

Mr. Kaufmann is known nationally for his expertise, support and educational contributions for financial and insurance professionals. He has been recognized in national publications such as Newsweek and Financial Planning for his commitment to education and helping to raise the standards of proper preventive estate planning versus 11th hour planning. 

CEPP Study Program was founded in 1996 and is trademarked as an emblem of excellence for Chartered Estate Planning Practitioners, Graduates of The Estate Planning Institute. Where ever you see the emblem CEPP after a professional planner's name, you know that there is a commitment to the highest standard of estate planning services, support of estate planning public education and legal-financial estate planning practices.

All EPI and CEPP Courses, Membership Benefits and Course Requirements Are Subject to Change Without Notice. 
No Legal Advice or Services Are Implied or Offered by EPI. 

Recommended First Steps For Your Success Course Registration Upon completion of CEPP enrollment with EPI you may call to obtain password for Internet course registration, or register to receive your course materials through US mail through the following options: 

CREDIT CARD: online course registration real time at cepp-epi.com 
HARD COPY REGISTRATION: for specific course(s) by written request or online registration. 
FAX: 703-852 4444
EMAIL: reg@cepp-epi.com
U.S. MAIL: Send check or money order with course registration to: CEPP-EPI Registration—
P.O. Box 669 - Luray, VA 22835