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The Estate Planning Institute is dedicated to Professional Public Education towards raising the standards of proper and essential preventive multi-generational estate planning. Educating Professionals and the Public about Legal-Financial-Retirement-Long Term Care - Estate Planning, caring for the elderly and providing multi-generational estate planning to Protect America's Assets
One Family at A Time!

Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement

Please note: All support communications and questions must be submitted by fax, or email. CEPP tutorial coaching sessions available by appointment, prepaid by credit card and fee based. I understand that no legal services are offered or rendered through the Estate Planning Institute and that memberships are not transferable or resalable to any other individual, firm or entity.

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I Agree to uphold the ethics and professional standards as required by Federal and State Laws and to support, cooperate, and assist my fellow CEPP-EPI members with honor, integrity, teamwork and diligence when needed. I understand that I do not practice law, nor provide any legal advice unless I am licensed to do so.

I am committed to working with a team of professionals, dedicated to protecting families assets one family at a time, to provide estate planning awareness and educational programs in my community and to assist other CEPP-EPI members to do the same. I dedicate my practice to help raise awareness for the care of the elderly and to bring families together with multi-generational estate planning.

I agree to protect all CEPP-EPI educational materials that are not to be shared or distributed to others that are not enrolled members of the CEPP-EPI program. I will not duplicate or distribute any CEPP-EPI materials without written permission by the Estate Planning Institute in writing. I understand that no legal services are provided for members or their clients CEPP-EPI.

I have read, understood and agree to the above terms for enrollment for the CEPP professional designation program of The Estate Planning Institute. I understand that any unethical or illegal actions by me as perceived by the Estate Planning Institute could terminate my CEPP-EPI membership and designation with the Estate Planning Institute.

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