Within the the first 5 minutes of talking with a client -
Will they be impressed With Your Professional Knowledge,
Discipline and Competence or not?

Do You Know What You Don't Know about Asset Protection and Estate Planning?
Before Presenting Yourself As an Estate Planning Practitioner -
Be sure You To Complete Proper Training and Practice Due Dilligence!

These are questions that a CEPP professional might ask during a proper asset protection
and estate planning assessment working with a team of professionals.
These questions are designed to be thought provoking and not
intended or designed to give or imply legal, financial or any other advice.

Do you have absolute current and satisfying answers to these questions?
Select YES, NO or D/K (for Don't Know) from the buttons below:

Asset Protection
Estate Planning Checklist

For small or large estates, individuals and business and farm owners.

Assure that the law and your financial and retirement planning works for
you and your loved ones rather than against you for asset protection,
financial liberty and life style freedom with proper estate planning.

Do you have absolute current and satisfying answers to these questions?
Select YES, NO or D/K (for Don't Know) from the buttons below:

1. Do you have a private family asset protection legal plan (e.g. trust or a will)?
2. If you have a small estate, will a part (perhaps bigger part) of your assets have to go to probate/legal fees?
3. Are you avoiding paying more taxes, legal fees and other costs than you are legally required?
4. Will your heirs have to pay 2-10 % or more of your estate in probate/legal fees with a will?
5. Is the IRS going to be your biggest heir? 
6. If you go into a nursing home, will your spouse and/or family have to go poor?
7. Have you discussed the possibility of long term care with your parents/children/family?
8. If you own property in more than one state, have you avoided those extra probate expense exposures?
9. If you own large life insurance amounts in your name will part of it have to go to the IRS?
10. Are your savings working for you or against you in taxes, and long term care planning?
11. Are your assets going to go to your children from a previous marriage rather than your spouse?
12. If you own assets jointly, have you taken advantage of both of your unified tax credits?
13. Do you have a power of attorney for your spouse/children/parents?
14. Does your family and doctor know about your health care and  living/dying wishes?
15. Do you have legal guardianship documents to protect your wishes for your minor children?
16. Is your estate including your life insurance/IRAs exposed to estate taxes?
17. Do you  have a person in mind to sign for you should you become disabled?
18. Have you had a check up tax, financial and legal analysis to assure protection in the last 2 years?
Click the Result button and review your answers of Yes, No or D/K for (Don't know)

Total Number of Responses with Answer of: Yes No D/K 

A CEPP Professional  - working with legal and financial professionals can help to assess and address your personal exposures. Every person has special needs and there is no one size fits all approach to important matters that affect your quality of life and financial security. The above is not to score - but to be thought provoking and lead you to review if you may be exposed in any of these areas.

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