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CEPP Graduate Benefits
Power Point and Projector 
Seminar Slides available for CEPP Graduates
For the Price Many Pay for Seminar Packages and Slides Elsewhere - You Can Complete The CEPP Designation for Proper Asset Protection and Estate Planning Due Diligence Training and The Slides & Workshop Materials. 

CEPP Graduates may purchase license for CEPP slides.
All slides must be approved by your compliance department.
CEPP-EPI assumes no responsibility for text, presentation or use of slides.

Slides may be customized for a minimum fee of $75.00 per slide.
Please click here for various slides available.
See prices and minimum order requirements below.
You will need to print and fax those slides you want to purchase to:
703 852 4444

All Marketing Materials and Slides Copyright Protected 
CEPP - EPI, ABC LAW 1994 - 2003 - All Rights Reserved

Basic Estate Planning Slides

CRT slides

LTC slides

Asset Protection  - Income Preservation Slides

Advanced Estate Planning Slides

Printed materials are available upon request for additional fee.

To place order: Fax a list of noted slides with 
your requests to 703 852 4444.

Please note 
special order license for 
power point presentation and 
slide projection processing fees below for 
CEPP Members Only: 

Minimum license order is $250
Each slide to have processed is 
$50.00 each for less than 6 slides.
6 slides or more $41.00 each
12 slides or more $21.00 each
25 or more slides 10.00 each

Above does not include processing 
for slide 35 mm projector processing.
Each slide costs 5.50 to process.

This cost may increase without notice. 
Allow 35 days to receive 
your slides from date of order.

All license and slide processing 
must be paid in advance.

Please print any names or words you 
like to have changed or added. 

Minimum fee for any changes or additional text is $50.00 to agreed amount in advance in writing.


CEPP Graduate Members 
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Estate Planning marketing Programs with 
Over 250 Estate Planning Slides to choose from

  Presentation programs designed  to suit your specific needs within your compliance requirements.

Workshop Presentation 
Videos, and/or Speakers

CEPP TV and Radio Commercials designed to market your estate planning practice 
in your community

Many other CEPP marketing and client building products and services available to CEPP Members

The Estate Planning Institute is 
dedicated to providing education programs,  products and tools to help 
you build and protect
your estate planning practice.

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