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What CEPP Graduates Are Saying

Estate Planning Institute

After completing the CEPP courses, I have a new appreciation for the power in knowledge
when sitting with a wealthy client. When I examine the financial industry in its entirety, I have a
leg up on most of the competition. Especially, the old veteran brokers, who manage millions
of dollars, by old sales tactics. They truly have tunnel vision to simply sell stocks. This course
has taken the blinders off of me. I can now see and collect many different streams of money
dripping from my clients life. For the amount of time I spent studying, I didn’t expect such a
great course. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to step up a level in their financial business.

Thank You,

"I've been in the estate planning business for years. The first week after CEPP Segment One
I realized how exposed I was. EPI presented the CEPP training in a way that opened my eyes as to how
important and why you need to plan and also avoid E&O and lawsuits. It's easy to read and gets you excited
about estate planning the way it should be done - working with your local team of professionals.
 I took the first CEPP steps that week and I'm already getting referrals. The CEPP program is the
best training I've seen that produced personal results so fast. If you've been in the business for years -
or just entering the senior market - The CEPP training program is essential and an excellent investment.
We're asking all our advisors to get enrolled this week.  " DC, Arkansas

The CEPP Program is easy to read; the best thing was that I could do it online and at my own pace.
As a broker I recommend it to all my advisers. I found the whole experience eye-opening, rewarding and
enjoyable. Compared to other programs I've taken I would recommend this course as being the most
practical and rewarding." MT, Independent Senior Advisor and Workshop Mentor, Boston, MA.

"The CEPP Program is the best thing I did that made an immediate difference in my carrer.  It was easy -
I could do it online and at my own pace.  I found the whole experience enjoyable and didn't want to put the material down.
I realized how much I didn't know and what a difference it makes now when I meet with new people. I'm getting more new
clients with fewer appointments - working so much smarter -  and I feel the difference the confidence that shows with new
appointments that are responding differently, respecting and appreciating my time more than before - when I present myself
services a CEPP professional.   R.A. NH

CEPP - Chartered Estate Planning Practitioner 

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