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EPI-CEPP Membership Disclaimer

24 Hour 1 800 233 0713
9 AM -5 PM
540 -743-1733 
1 800 231 6890

FAX: 703-995-0320
EMAIL: reg@cepp-epi.com
Estate Planning Institute
P.O. Box 669 
Luray, VA 22835 

Each CEPP Segment 
(Three segments to complete program)


CEPP-EPI Hard Copy Manuals:

 $25.00 Each
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CEPP Course Only Registration Not Degination Program

Please return completed form to: EPI, P. O. Box 669 Luray, VA 22835

FAX this form to: 703-852 4444 

For after hours phone credit enrollment call the 24 Hr Credit Card Enrollment number at: 
1 800 232 6465
Upon completion of sending enrollment forms, to get course registration online password or order hard copy course manuals call:1 800 233 0713 or 540-743-1733, 9am–5pm Eastern time. 

IMPORTANT:Please Type or Print Neatly and enclose a copy of professional license and a photo ID for our records along with your business card with enrollment form.

OFFICE HOURS: Mon. - Fri 9-5 PM Eastern Time 
Fax Enrollment Forms to: 703-852 4444
24 hr. Credit Card Enrollment 1 800 232 6465 
(see enrollment form attached) 
Email enrollment form to: enroll@cepp-epi.com 
U. S. MAIL: Check or money order with Enrollment form to:

EPI - CEPP Enroll
P O Box 669 
Luray, VA 22835

Upon receipt of CEPP enrollment acceptance notification from EPI you may register to receive your course materials through the following options: 

FAX: 703 852 4444 Use enclosed enrollment form marking noting course(s)
EMAIL: reg@cepp-epi.com
U.S. MAIL: Send check or money order with course registration to: 
CEPP-EPI Registration P.O. Box 669; Luray, VA 22835