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     If You Want To Be A Cut Above
Working With Your Local Legal, Insurance, Financial  Estate Planning Professionals

CEPP Is Your Key To Opening Doors For Your Success
and Making A Difference In Your Community.

If you are a Professional seeking to serve your community by helping people understand the importance LIFE planning - working with your local Legal, Insurance, Financial Estate Planning professionals.

If you're looking for a rewarding career to help your
community for generations to come -
CEPP is your key towards making a difference.

CEPP Graduates are A Cut Above
 only CEPP Graduates can Become A Member of
LIFE Planners Professional Association
Legal, Insurance, Financial Estate
Planners  Association TM

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LIFE Planning as a CEPP graduate  can be the most rewarding
work to help avoid and/or reduce elder abuse, and help
protect and preserve the quality of life for Elders and families
 for generations to come.
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   Table of Contents for Three Segments 
                                       With Chapter Highlights

       CEPP Designation Program is easy and enjoyable to read. 
       The Material is full of practical application for you to 
       experience proper and essential asset protection and estate planning.

       Each segment is $350.00 - payable as you go or 
       save $100.00 when you purchase all three segments in advance for $950.00

  • Each Segment can be done in a weekend or you can take longer

  • The program is self study - at your own pace 

  • Online download of course materials - You can print or study on line

  • Online exam for each segment - with proctor with immediate exam results online

  • Submit Proctor form by fax at completion of exam

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CEPP Table of Contents

   CEPP Segment One

   Part 101

  • Chapter 1 Estate Planning and the Financial/Insurance Advisor 
  • Chapter 2 Most Common Mistakes In Estate Planning 
  • Chapter 3 Choices With Your Estate Planning Goals and Concerns 
  • Chapter 4 What You Are Worth - Your Gross Estate 
  • Chapter 5 What Is Probate? Should You Avoid It?
  • Chapter 6 Taxes 
  • Chapter 7 Your Total Estate Exposure 
  • Chapter 8 Basic Estate Planning Legal Documents 
  • Chapter 9 The Revocable Living Trust 
  • Chapter 10 Taking the Fear Out of Estate Planning and Completing the Task 
  • A Quick Review 
   Part 102
  • Chapter 1 Law and the Financial/Insurance Advisor 
  • Chapter 2 Demographics and Expectations 
  • Chapter 3 Customer Satisfaction: The Best Protection against Frivolous Lawsuits 
  • Chapter 4 Market Conduct 
  • Chapter 5 Errors and Omissions Insurance 
  • Chapter 6 Estate Planning Legal Issues 
  • Chapter 7 Asset Protection Strategies 
  • for the Financial/Insurance Advisor 

  CEPP Segment Two

   Part 103

  • Introduction 
  • Chapter 1 Common Mistakes in Insurance and Estate Planning 
  • Chapter 2 Property and Casualty - Liability Insurance 
  • Chapter 3 Life Insurance as Basic Financial Protection for the Family's Lifestyle
  • and security
  • Chapter 4 Disability - The Sleeper That Can Destroy an Estate Plan 
  • Chapter 5 Long Term Care 
  • Chapter 6 Federal Estate Taxes and Life Insurance 
  • Chapter 7 Annuities and Estate Planning 
  • Chapter 8 Life Insurance, Estate Equalization and Keeping the Business or Farm Within the Family 
  • Chapter 9 Life Insurance after Retirement
  • Chapter 10 The Uses of Charitable Trusts in Estate Planning Summary 
   Part 104
  • Chapter 1 Multi-generational Estate Planning 
  • Chapter 2 Understanding the Senior Generation 
  • Chapter 3 Understanding The Baby Boomer Generation 
  • Chapter 4 Understanding The X Generation 
  • Chapter 5 Multi-generational Estate Planning in Action 
  • Chapter 6 21st Century Family Concerns 
  • Chapter 7 Love and Tough Love - Estate Planning Situations 
  • Chapter 8 Special Needs Situations 
  • Chapter 9 When The Generations Unite for a Common Goal 
  • Chapter 10 The CEPP Practitioner 
  • Help Putting It All Together 
  CEPP Segment Three
  • Chapter 1 Need for Long Term Care Planning 
  • Chapter 2 What Is Long Term Care? 
  • Chapter 3 Medicare, Medigap and Long Term Care
  • Chapter 4 Medicaid and Long Term Care 
  • Chapter 5 Introduction to Long Term Care Insurance 
  • Chapter 6 Important Policy Provisions 
  • Chapter 7 Premium Considerations 
  • Chapter 8 Elder Fraud and Abuse 
  • Chapter 9 Consumer Protection Issues 
  • Appendix A: Virginia-Sample Application for Medicaid 
  • Appendix B: Sample Long Term Care Insurance Policies

P.O. Box 669 Luray, VA 22835 Call: 800 232 6465 FAX: 703-852 4444

CEPP 1996 - 2003 Copyright - EPI - All Rights Reserved
CEPP Trademark - Estate Planning Institute 


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